Mission accomplished – SEEKs 13th Hackathon has landed

Technology led innovations and creative business ideas were on show at SEEK headquarters today, as more than 350 employees from Australia’s number one employment marketplace concluded the 13th SEEK Hackathon in Melbourne, Australia.

Themed ‘Apollo 13’, the latest Hackathon saw astronauts roaming corridors, mars bars and milkyways filling the lolly bar, and space themed music blasting throughout SEEK HQ.  

Kendra Banks, Managing Director – SEEK Australia & New Zealand, said SEEKs continued focus to encourage employees to set time aside to innovate and create was at the core of SEEKs purpose - to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed.

“The 13th SEEK Hackathon has seen an incredibly energetic and enthusiastic group of SEEK colleagues develop solutions to a wide array of ideas they have identified, which we will  consider developing further and executing into real solutions for our customers and the wider community.

I am thrilled with the activity I have seen across the past few days, which has encompassed our SEEK principles of Hackathon to collaborate, engage, involve and innovate. Our business performance is underpinned by our people, and the ideas which have been developed at our latest Hack highlight the passion and commitment our people have to problem solve for candidates, hirers and students and make SEEK an even better place to work through unique internal innovations”

SEEKs bi-annual Hackathons give employees the freedom to learn and experiment with new technologies and practice high-paced collaboration with small self-organised teams. The latest Hackathon was no different, with employees across sales, customer service, product and technology, finance, human resources, marketing, security and corporate communications coming together to hack more than 30 problems.

The Hackathon is a highlight on the SEEK calendar of employee events and will return in 2020.

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