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LeapEd Services was established in September 2010 to become a leading education services provider to schools in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region.

As Malaysia's first homegrown education services provider delivering learning transformation in public schools, LeapEd implements international best practices in pedagogy and school management that have been localised and tailored to ensure both applicability and sustainability. This approach is evident in our school transformation programmes, which are most widely being implemented in selected public schools under the Ministry of Education Malaysia's Trust School Framework.

As the design and implementation partner in the Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme, LeapEd is part of an exciting initiative to transform public schools into centres of excellence where learners are nurtured to reach their greatest potential. Through our work in the Trust Schools, we are supporting our partners in realising the aspiration expressed in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013–2025 of making a world–class education accessible to students in Malaysian public schools.

Our programmes and products are designed to address key stakeholders and specific areas that have a critical impact on holistic school improvement and transformation:
  • Raising the standard of school leadership and management
  • Ensuring high–quality teaching and learning
  • Maximising student achievement and potential
  • Increasing stakeholder involvement through parent and community programmes.
As a company, we offer a balance of innovation and experience, local and international expertise, and a deep commitment to excellence. We promote collaborative partnerships with schools and the development of professional learning communities, as well as rigorous self–improvement and embedded reflective practices amongst school leaders and teachers to ensure sustained improvement practices.

We are fully committed to our key objective: to develop 21st–century life–long learners through enriched learning experiences supported by increased positive engagement and involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

View jobs by LeapEd Services