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About Us

National Protective Services is a leading professional security company specialising in quality protective products and personalised services to ensure optimum security in the commercial, industrial, and domestic fields. We are a locally owned and operated company, established in Melbourne in 1988 by our Chief Executive Officer Rachael Lambert. With over 14 years experience in the security market, we have provided an impressive portfolio of high profile clients with services ranging from security patrols, to alarm monitoring and covert investigative operations.

We provide a comprehensive security package with a total range of products and services tailored to meet customers’ expectations and security needs.
Our 24 x 7 range of services include:
  • Security Patrols
  • Guard Services
  • Alarm Installations
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Alarm Responses
  • Investigations & Consultancy

Integrity, honest and professionalism are essential to our code of conduct. Our people are our strength. As one of Australia’s premier security providers, National Protective Services is committed to providing all clients with exceptional levels of service and support.

Working with Us

A security job with us can be a great life and work experience or even a job for life. We know that the 2 most important things when it comes to employment are money and career as we all like to feel secure in our jobs. As a security officer and a member of the National Protective Services team you’re not just a number. Working with us you will enjoy what you do, the people you work with and enjoy doing it for a company you want to please and who will appreciate your seamless efforts and achievements. We recognise everyone’s needs as an individual employee of our organisation and we pride ourselves on the personalised approach we take with them. We know the importance of communication, recognition, rewards, patience, events, and inspiration.

National Protective Services recognises the value and importance of providing opportunities to all its staff members both technical and support by developing their job-related knowledge and skills. We provide all our new staff with induction training to help them understand how the function of their job relates to the organisation’s role, mission and goals, and to ensure that they understand their responsibilities within the workplace. We provide continuous support in developing and training staff in order to maintain and enhance the standards of performance over a period of time. In particular staff members at the beginning of their working lives, are provided with a supportive environment to enable them to gain suitable technical or professional qualifications / experience on which to base their subsequent career development.

National Protective Services are always on the look out for exemplary people to be a part of the team and assist us in securing the lives of our many customers.
If you would like to find out more about us please visit our website at http://www.nationalprotectiveservices.com.au

If you would like to know what opportunities are available for you right now email us at careers@nationalprotectiveservices.com.au

View jobs by SEEK Limited