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Australia's booming industries: Mining, Resources & Energy

Australia's booming industries: Mining, Resources & Energy

Mining, Resources & Energy was the nation’s leading industry for job ad growth with an astonishing increase of 67.7% in job opportunities year-on-year. Contributing to this growth were the 17,000+ new roles being advertised on SEEK when compared to the year prior. 

Donna Ison, Principal Consultant at recruitment company Davidson, says the industry is on the up. There’s definitely more movement in the resources industry with exploration, production and maintenance activity all expected to increase,” she says.

A look across the country:

Growth has been primarily driven by the mining-rich states of Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, which recorded the highest contribution to the national growth in the industry, accounting for 30.1% of the total growth in job opportunities.

The roles driving job growth: 

Roles that saw the biggest contribution to growth in job opportunities in Mining, Resources & Energy include Engineering & Maintenance (22.4%), Operations (18.2%) and Drill & Blast (4.1%) – together contributing 45% to the total growth. 

Trending roles in Mining, Resources & Energy:

Surveying saw the largest growth in applications for job seekers in the industry, with a 63.6% increase year-on-year. Natural Resources & Water also saw a significant growth in the number of people applying for roles year-on-year at 40% growth. 

What employers want: 

Ison’s advice to job seekers looking to get into the Mining, Resouces & Energy industry is to be prepared. “Be proactive, do your research and make personal contact wherever possible. Tailor cover letters to each specific application and partner with a reputable search firm who understands the industry and has relationships with your target companies,” she says. 

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