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It’s not just about finding the right job. You’re also looking for the right company. That’s why we’ve created a place where you can find and share trusted information about companies across Australia, written anonymously by employees

Our community guidelines

To build a community of reviews in the spirit of helping others, all reviews and subsequent comments from the company must follow our guidelines.

  • Respectful
  • Relevant
  • Balanced
  • Anonymous
  • Authentic
  • Non-commercial
  • English language only

How does moderation work?

We monitor all reviews to ensure that they meet our community guidelines and are helpful to others. We have a three-stage moderation process:

  1. Past or present employers – people share their experience about companies they have worked for.
  2. Automated screening – reviews are evaluated by our technology to ensure its appropriate.
  3. Reporting a review – any user of our site can report a review as inappropriate, triggering a re-evaluation.

I wrote a review but I can't see it on the website - why not?

If you wrote a review but can’t see it on the website, one of two things might have happened.

  • We don’t yet have a page for the company you reviewed – it can take a little while to get all the information we need for each company’s page.
  • There was an issue with your review – if your review did not follow our community guidelines we will not have been able to publish it.
We do not let companies edit or delete the reviews that show on SEEK

We do not let companies edit or delete the reviews that show on SEEK

Need more information?

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