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Company Reviews FAQs

We aspire to create an open and inclusive community where candidates can share their opinion and employers can take part in the conversation.

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Community Guidelines FAQs

Does SEEK screen reviews?

Yes. Before a review is published it goes through a two stage moderation process which includes automated screening as well as manual review by a moderator to ensure that every review published meets our community guidelines.

We do not assess reviews for accuracy or verify facts or the extent of any allegation about a company. The reviews are posted by our candidate community based on their opinion of working at a specific company, and are shown as published without any editing.

Despite our best efforts, occasionally an inappropriate review may be published. In these rare cases you can report a review as being inappropriate if you feel it is suspicious or violates our community guidelines.

How can I submit a review?

Please visit to leave a review. Every submission is captured and moderated before being published. All company reviews are anonymous. You can submit multiple reviews about different companies you have worked for.

Will my review be anonymous?

Yes, your review will be anonymous and no identifiable information will be provided by SEEK, in your review.

Why do I have to sign in to write a review?

Being able to confirm that a review has been written by a real person helps us to identify and eliminate spam or illegitimate reviews. By looking at account history and profile information, SEEK can detect fraudulent activity and have increased certainty about the credibility of the information being provided in the review. In the future, this will also allow us to notify you if your review is moderated or responded to, as well as enabling you to remove or change your review.

Will SEEK reveal the identity of who wrote a review?

Company Reviews are posted anonymously. Just as SEEK is committed to providing authentic information on Company Review pages, we are equally careful to maintain the anonymity of every reviewer. Although a submitted review is linked to that reviewers SEEK account, no identifiable information is revealed to the public or to the company that is the subject of the review, except where SEEK is compelled by law to disclose this information.

How do I write a good review?

  • Give honest and useful information – think about what you’d like to know about a workplace
  • Be careful with sensitive information – don’t mention specific people’s names or sensitive information. These reviews are best used as a general guide to a company’s internal environment. Any reviews specifically calling out people or sensitive information will not be published.
  • Don’t be specific about your identity – SEEK have made every effort to ensure your anonymity. To remain anonymous be mindful when including specific information like role title and employment dates.

How do I edit or remove my own review?

Reviews cannot currently be edited. You can contact us if you would like assistance removing your review.

How is the overall rating determined?

The overall rating is calculated as an average of all the reviews for that Company. There is no weighting, all reviews count towards the overall rating.

Can employers respond to reviews?

Yes, employers can respond to reviews. Responses must meet our community guidelines. Employers do not know who posted the review as all reviews are anonymous and no identifiable information will be provided by SEEK to the employer.

How are reviews ordered?

Reviews are currently ordered based on their helpfulness rating. This rating is determined by SEEK’s own algorithm, which accounts for multiple factors such as review: freshness, relevancy, constructiveness and balanced opinion.

How are the two reviews appearing on the ‘Overview’ page selected? Can page owners select them?

We don’t currently support page owners selecting those two reviews. These reviews are currently selected based on their helpfulness rating. This rating is determined by SEEK’s own algorithm, which accounts for multiple factors such as review: freshness, relevancy, constructiveness and balanced opinion.

Follow Faqs

What happens when I follow a company?

By following a company of interest on SEEK you'll receive relevant recommendations, opportunities and employment information about the companies you're interested in.

Can employers see who is following them?

Companies using SEEK may be able to see information about who follows them. Your interest in a company is included as part of your SEEK Profile and indicates to employers you follow that you would be open to hearing about opportunities they have on offer.

You can manage what information employers can view by updating your SEEK Profile privacy setting. You can review and adjust your privacy settings by visiting

You can review SEEK's privacy policy by visiting

How do I follow or unfollow a company on SEEK?

To follow or unfollow a company, you must first find their SEEK Company Review page by visiting and searching for the company you're interested in.

There will be a button at the top of the page with a call to action to Follow/Unfollow the company.

You can also unsubscribe from email communications relating to the company you're following by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Do I have to have a SEEK Profile or registered account to follow companies on SEEK? Do I have to sign in to follow companies on SEEK?

Yes, you must have a SEEK Profile or a registered account and sign in prior to following any company on SEEK. You will be prompted to sign in if you try to follow a company whilst signed out.