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How to write a stand out SEEK Profile

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Do you want that job to come to you? Being head hunted is much easier than job hunting and it’s becoming more common. That’s because more and more recruiters are searching for talent online.

This trend makes it essential to combine your networking and old world job hunting skills with an online presence.

All active candidates and those who would switch jobs for the right opportunity need to have an online profile, outlining their skills and experience. It’s a 21st-century essential and really can be the ticket to your next job.

According to Jane McNeill, a director at Hays recruiting around 75% of employers check online profiles of candidates.

The more effort you put in to your SEEK Profile, the more you’ll get out. Here are our tips on how to write a stand out profile that says “Hire Me”:

  1. Write an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a very brief summary of why an employer should hire you. It’s a summary of your professional self and ambitions and can land you a job.
  2. Include detail. Make sure you fill out as many succinct details as you can about your career history, current status, skills and qualifications, and role preferences.
  3. Sell yourself. Your profile is your sales pitch. Be punchy and craft those words with gusto. If your profile sparkles the recruiter or employer will take notice.
  4. Use active language not passive. Active language is strong language. It adds impact. Don’t say: “I was responsible for producing reports for the department”. Instead say: “I managed the production of all reports for the department”.
  5. Focus on your skills and achievements. Include bullet points or short powerful sentences to highlight your expertise and achievements, says McNeill.
  6. Be consistent. If you have more than one profile online or a profile and a personal/professional website make sure the content matches and is up-to-date on both, says McNeill.
  7. Include links. Link to details of your past successes or examples of your work if they can be found online. You could also link to professional groups that you’re involved with. Self-marketing can boost your personal brand.
  8. Upload your CV. Your SEEK Profile allows you to upload a resume. This saves employers asking for it and takes you one step closer to getting the job. A good professional image is essential, says McNeill.

It’s likely that your online presence is becoming part of your written CV. So do it now. It only takes a few minutes to get your basic profile up and running.