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Want the job? How to prepare for a video interview like a pro!

Want the job? How to prepare for a video interview like a pro!

As video interviewing becomes an increasingly popular recruitment tool for employers, candidates need to know how best to prepare for an online style interview.

If the idea of recording yourself is new to you, this step-by-step guide is here to help.

Step one: Research
Think of this the same way you would a phone screen or in-person interview. You need to prepare by researching the company, reviewing the job requirements and understanding how video interviews work.

  • Educate yourself. Do exactly what you’re doing now. Read online about video interviews and how to master them.
  • Anticipate what questions you might be asked
  • Think about what you bring to the company/the job and why you want it

Step two: Technology set up
Video interviews are not only for tech savvy millennials, the software is straightforward and accessible for everyone. It can also be done on any device including a PC, tablet or smartphone, so choose the technology you feel most comfortable with.  

Video interviews are not only for tech savvy millennials, the software is straightforward and accessible for everyone.
  • Set up your webcam or smartphone camera. Check out how it works and make sure you clean the lens.
  • Set up the microphone. You will need to be heard in your interview. Make sure your microphone works.
  • Test every aspect of your technology by having a dry run.
  • Make sure you have enough battery as well. The last thing you want to happen is for your phone or computer to die when you’re halfway through an interview.

Step three: Scout a great location.
You want your interviewer to focus on you and not be distracted by what’s behind you.

  • Lighting is critical. Video yourself and consider whether the lighting flatters you. That means no bright window behind you or dark shadows on your face.  
  • Backgrounds are important. Make sure there is nothing on the bookshelf, wall, or your computer screen behind you that you wouldn’t want an employer to see.
  • Avoid interruptions. You don’t want background noise from the TV, stereo or dog. Nor do you want your children, other half, or flatmates walking in. Brief them, and if you can, lock the door.

Step four: Make sure you are prepared.
Think of this as you would an in-person interview. You want to be dressed to impress and have practiced scenarios that you could encounter in the interview.

  • Choose appropriate clothes. Look as professional as you would in an in-person interview.
  • View the tutorial if there is one available. The SEEK Video Screen by Spark Hire platform has a three-minute tutorial that will give you a really clear explanation of what’s going to happen, how long you are going to have, and how the platform and each step works. Make sure you take time to absorb the information.
  • Complete a practice video. Even if you’ve done a video interview before, take the time to do a practice run through. This will relax you and familiarise yourself with speaking to the camera. Simply set up your camera and record yourself answering some common interview questions.

Step five: Begin interview.  
Even though you will be answering questions on a screen and not talking directly to someone, it’s important to think of video interviewing as being a conversation with an employer. Some key things to keep top of mind during your interview are:

  • Slow down. Take your time to answer questions.
  • Breathe. Getting oxygen to your brain counters anxiety.
  • Look at the camera. You will come across better if you have eye contact.

Finally, take your time. Sit down in your chosen location with 10 to 15 minutes spare before you start your video interview. The more practice interviews you can do the better. You don’t know exactly what you’ll be asked. But set yourself some common interview questions, turn your smartphone to selfie mode and video yourself answering the questions. This will give you an understanding of how you look on screen, whether you can be heard properly and has the added bonus of preparing answers to questions that you might be asked in the interview.

This article has been created based on the SEEK Video by Spark Hire experience and may not apply to other video interviewing software.