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Why benefits and perks are important

Why benefits and perks are important

Whether you live to work or work to live, one thing’s certain - work takes up a significant part of our daily lives. Often it’s a company’s culture and treatment of their staff that motivates our decision to leave a company, stay or move within it, and now – thanks in part to SEEK company reviews – opt into it. After all, when we’re putting our all into our jobs, we want to know that our employer notices and rewards us accordingly.

Here are just some ways Australian employees, former and current, feel rewarded or neglected by their employers, as discovered on SEEK company reviews. The next time you’re searching for a job, you can use this tool to assess whether a company is a good fit for you, and whether you’d be a good fit for the company!

  • Career development. For those wanting to climb the proverbial ladder, joining a company that facilitates professional growth and development internally or even externally could give you the chance to progress your career faster than you realise.

    The real review: “Great product and promotional activity, however no room for career advancement living in QLD state. No mentoring from senior roles resulting in leaving for another role.”
    - Retail and Consumer Products company, Queensland
  • Work-life balance. Work is important but so are family, friends, exercise, health, hobbies, study and other passion projects. A job that allows you to have a balanced lifestyle is a non-negotiable for some, and there are companies that make a point of catering to this.

    The real review: “[The good things are] the pay and the people I work with and the fact it's local. It's also great for working mums as they are fairly flexible with hours.”
    - Banking and Financial Services company, Queensland
  • Management. Corporate hierarchy is still alive and kicking, and managers still play an extremely important role in an employee’s experience at work. If you’ve got poor management, the rest of the team and the entire company suffer.  

    The real review: “Middle/higher management want to move forward and embrace the future. Teams are trying to innovate a lot and also make the workforce happy.”
    - Advertising, Arts and Media company, location unknown
  • Benefits & perks. You’d be surprised how much better work can be when you’re privy to free products, all-inclusive travel, gym memberships, cars, lunch, parties and more.

    The real review: “[The good things include an] excellent commission structure, a fantastic office and fun colleagues. Free breakfast, massages, ping pong and casual clothing.”
    - Science and Technology company, Victoria
  • Working environment. Whether a case of friendly people or well-equipped facilities, the atmosphere of your working environment can make all the difference to your comfort and enjoyment at work.

    The real review: “Although a big company, each store is run separately so it has a family run feel.
    - Retail and Consumer Products company, Victoria
  • Diversity and equal opportunity. Many will argue that there is still great inequality among the genders, nationalities, religion and those identifying as LGBTI. Find a company to work for that is progressive enough to treat everyone equally.

    The real review: “Equal opportunity for females in the work place, with a number of females holding management roles.”
    - Hospitality and Tourism company, Queensland

Choose a company worth working hard for, one that makes you feel appreciated, rewards your hard work and cares about your growth.

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Work is important but so are family, friends, exercise, health, hobbies, study and other passion projects.