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Human Resources Adviser

Provide information to employees and managers on employment, recruitment, and training and matters.

What's it like to be a Human Resources Adviser?

A Human Resources Adviser is a trusted source of information for both employees and managers. They are often the first line of contact between staff and the Human Resources (HR) team, and are often relied upon as an intermediary between Human Resources (HR) and other departments within an organisation.

Tasks and duties

  • Performing recruitment activities, from advertising to interviewing, reference checks and hiring.
  • Discussing staff issues with managers, such as absenteeism or non-performance.
  • Discussing work issues with employees, such as salary and benefits or the circumstances surrounding a complaint.
  • Meeting with senior management or teams to discuss organisational change and the impact, obligations and benefits from an HR perspective.
  • Fielding enquiries relating to HR and distributing to the team.
  • Escalating issues to senior HR managers and senior organisational managers.
  • Arranging support for employees experiencing difficulty.
  • Writing and updating policies and procedures.
  • Planning, organising and conducting training.

In smaller organisations, Human Resources Advisers are responsible for all kinds of employment matters. In larger organisations, they may be dedicated to specific teams and departments, or provide specialty advice relating to matters they have expertise in, such as recruitment, training, conflict resolution or industrial relations.

The role calls for a high level of emotional intelligence, tact and an ability to discuss difficult issues. Human Resources Advisers are expected to act with complete discretion, except in circumstances where they have a duty to disclose to senior management or authorities.

What can I earn as a Human Resources Adviser?

The most common salary for a Human Resources Adviser is between $80k and $90k
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How to become a Human Resources Adviser

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Vocational or tertiary qualifications may be an advantage when seeking employment as a Human Resources Adviser.
  1. Alternatively, complete a degree in business, business administration, commerce or communications.
  2. If you want to complete postgraduate qualifications to enhance your knowledge and employment prospects, you could consider studying a Master of Human Resource Management, Master of Commerce, Master of Business, Master of Project Management or Master of Dispute Resolution at University. Postgraduate courses will require you to have completed an undergraduate degree or have completed significant work experience.

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