Management Accountant

Management Accountants are futurists who drive business strategy to generate and preserve value.

What's it like to be a Management Accountant?

Management Accountants are responsible for the sourcing, data analysis, communication and use of financial and non-financial information to make decisions that will affect the future of an organisation.
Tasks and duties
  • Collating information such as revenue, cash flow and outstanding debts.
  • Using financial and non-financial data to formulate a complete picture of how the business is going.
  • Advising stakeholders on the financial implications of significant decisions, business strategy and monitoring risk.
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What can I earn as a Management Accountant?

The most common salary for a Management Accountant is between $95k and $110k
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How to become a Management Accountant

A bachelor's degree in the field of accounting is the most common requirement to work as an accountant, and a bachelor-level degree is required to be eligible for entry into any of the three professional accounting bodies that regulate and accredit the accounting industry in Australia.
  1. Complete a qualification in the field of accounting. Courses such as a Bachelor of Accounting or a Bachelor of Commerce are generally three-year courses, open to anyone over 17 years who has completed year 12 with an appropriate Universities Admission Index.
  2. Complete a CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Certificate in Business Accounting. If you have a relevant degree like accounting or business, you may be entitled to exemptions from some CIMA exams, which will allow you to progress onto the professional qualification sooner.
  3. Complete the CIMA Professional Qualification. The length of time this takes will depend on previous study and exemptions, however if you hold a masters or MBA in accounting, you'll just need to pass the CIMA gateway exam, which is a three-hour computer-based case study exam.

    Once you have completed the CIMA Professional Qualification, you will be awarded the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation.

  4. There are numerous opportunities for management accounts; consider becoming a finance director, chief executive, management consultant or running your own business.

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Management Accountants are in demand across a wide range of industries. Find out what it's like to work for common employers in your state.
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What are employers looking for?

Employers want:
  • Reporting skills
  • Analysis skills
  • CA/CPA
  • Budgeting and forecasting experience
  • Variance analysis skills
Shortlisted applicants have:
  • CPA
  • Financial reporting experience
  • Financial analysis skills
  • Forecasting experience
  • MYOB
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How do Management Accountants rate their role?

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What are the job opportunities for Management Accountants?

Find out how the job market is trending

Job opportunities
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Projected job growth
National increase over next 5 years
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Management Accountants commonly move into these roles

Finance Manager
Avg. starting salary
$130 - $140k
Financial Analyst
Avg. starting salary
$90 - $100k
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Avg. starting salary
$70 - $80k
Financial Planning and Analysis Analyst
Avg. starting salary
$120 - $130k
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