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5 out of 5

Marketing Assistant

'Great company and team'Melbourne — 6 months ago

The good things

Great leadership and team environment

The challenges

Constant industry leaders pushing boundaries and making staff and customers better.
5 out of 5

Administration Officer

'Fantastic'Brisbane, Queensland, Australia — 2 years ago

The good things

My colleagues were great, the boss was great, the work was varied so kept me interested

The challenges

Unfortunately they were purchased and they moved all the admin to melb, otherwise I would have stayed forever

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About Actrol Parts

Actrol is Australia’s largest wholesaler of parts to the refrigeration, air conditioning and allied industries. Today Actrol services the entire nation with more than 60 branches located in key metropolitan and regional areas. Together with our highly qualified and well trained staff, we offer the best customer service throughout the country. We also offer the broadest range of products strengthened by close associations with the biggest world renowned brands. Using all of our experience and industry knowledge over time we have gained the highest reputation within the industry for exceeding customers requirements, particularly in the area of supplying quality products, meeting our customers’ needs in terms of stock levels, product and engineering advice and having convenient branch locations. It is this long term relationship with both our suppliers and customers that is the key to Actrol’s continued success. Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.