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Pathology Collector/Phlebotomist

'Disappointing. Only staying long enough while looking for better position.'Adelaide, South Australia, Australia — 2 years ago

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Management do not offer permanent positions. The hours are few per day as the company focuses on its own needs of saving money and gives the nurses three to four Hrs in t...

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About Adelaide Pathology Partners

We are delighted to announce that Clinpath Laboratories and Adelaide Pathology Partners have entered into a legally binding agreement to merge and to operate as a single integrated pathology laboratory serving South Australia. With over 19 specialist anatomical pathologists and 9 specialist clinical pathologists, the combined entity will offer a depth of knowledge and expertise, unprecedented in private pathology in this state and including many pathologists with national and international reputations. We are understandably excited by the prospects of this new enterprise, but we recognise that the service we provide to you is what matters most. In that respect, it will be “business as usual” for all your pathology service requirements and we assure you that whilst this integration will provide significant synergies and service enhancements, your existing, valued relationships with our pathologists, business development representatives and customer support team will remain unchanged. Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.