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About AFC Group

AFC Group designs, manufactures and integrates fibre optic and copper communication solutions. We offer leading edge, quality products but our focus is on providing innovative and integrated solutions for a variety of applications, environments and industries. AFC Group was founded in 1992 out of the desire to provide more than just a product. We’ve added technical expertise and excellent customer service and have since become the fibre optic specialist in the communications industry. AFC was acquired by AFL in 2015, expanding the company’s offering of solutions to the telecommunications, infrastructure, enterprise and industrial markets. AFL understands that it is not only important which products you select but also how you will integrate those products efficiently and effectively. We develop solutions for your business, and can build it from the ground up, add to your existing network, upgrade and replace outdated networks and install or repair service delivery channels for subscribers. AFL has brought expertise to large and small businesses, financial institutions, government installations, healthcare, education and residential consumer markets. Source: this is an extract from the company’s own website


93-97 Merrindale Drive Croydon South Vic 3136