Company overview

Mining, Resources & Energy
Company Size (Aus & NZ)
More than 10,000 employees
Primary Location
Melbourne, Australia
Mining & Resources, Mining Maintenance, Mining Production, Underground Mining, Open Cut Mining, Mining Technologies
As a world-leading resources company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, our products are sold worldwide, with sales and marketing led through our Singapore and Houston locations.
We're focused on the resources the world needs to grow and decarbonise. Copper for renewable energy. Nickel for electric vehicles. Potash for sustainable farming. Iron ore and metallurgical coal for the steel needed for global infrastructure and the energy transition.
A resources mix for today and for the future.
We have over 80,000 employees and you'll find BHP people from the Pilbara to the Bowen Basin, from Saskatchewan to Santiago and from Texas, Trinidad and Tobago to Singapore and Melbourne.

Our mission statement

At BHP, our purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world.
What we produce is essential for global economic growth and a lower carbon future. We have the resources, but we need more people to join us.
Because the people who join us, will not only help build a better world, they will help shape it.
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Why not you? Why not BHP?
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Awards and accreditations

SEEK STAR Awards Winner - Best Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative 2021
SEEK STAR Awards Finalists - Best Candidate Experience Initiative 2021
SEEK STAR Awards Finalist - Talent Acquisition Leader of Year 2021