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Executive - Head Office

Jan 2020

Executive - Head Office

Kedron QLD, Australia
1 to 2 years in the role, former employee

"... just spent (six months) in a leaky boat, lucky just to keep afloat... la la la"

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The good things

The environment. Physically comfortable, light, bright, colourful. Stunning visual appeal. Plenty of everything needed - from gourmet kitchens with more than ample new crockery to free weekly fruit, Barista facility, sit/stand desks for all, free lunchtime externally instructed movement activities including yoga and dance and at least bi-annual team building days involving at least half a day of treasure hunting, bowling, sport or the like. Of value was being encouraged to take time out from desk routines to take any one of numerous company cars to visit services. Mid year 2-day conferences at the Convention Centre were free for staff, generous with unlimited food, entertainment and international guest speakers; Christmas parties were overly catered for at exclusive venues and overnight Executive Retreats unaffordable for most.
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The challenges

Management worked silo-style and this filtered down to staff creating individual teams whose focus usually excluded the broader organisation. Challenging to pull a project together with teams not inclusive particulary around comms. Staff protective of their patch - not treading on toes became more important than assisting the customer meaning customers would often wait unnecessarily when answers were in fact to hand. Observed and experienced distinct lack of EQ amongst some ELT and HR team - those tasked to assist in times of difficulty. Many HO staff taking up to 3 days to decorate the office at Christmas.
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