3 out of 53.0
2 years ago

Kindergarten Teacher

May 2019

Kindergarten Teacher

Brisbane QLD, Australia

Both positive and negative aspects to the job.

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Benefits & perks
4.04 out of 5
Career development
3.03 out of 5
Work/Life balance
2.02 out of 5
Working environment
1.01 out of 5
1.01 out of 5
Diversity & equal opportunity
5.05 out of 5

The good things

Loved working with the children, having relative autonomy over the direction of the curriculum to suit the context. Some of my colleagues were very passionate and dedicated, open to critical reflection and responsive to discussions around continuous improvement. Very high salary.
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The challenges

Micro-managerial style that gets passed continually down the line from head office through to director and then those below. Hyper-focus on ideological debates and minor issues, leading staff to concentrate their efforts on things that didn't matter, instead of keeping the children at the forefront of their mind. Some educators were completely disengaged from their work and either not responsive or hostile to constructive feedback. Not much done to manage their performance. Two tier system - staff in kindergartens have superior working conditions compared to their colleagues in long daycare.
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