2 out of 52.01 year ago
Graduate'I wouldn't recommend the Graduate Program here'Hawthorn East VIC, Australia1 to 2 years in the role, former employee

The good things

Met some really great people here and my direct mangers were always lovely. Though incredibly time-poor, they were always friendly and did their best to support you when possible. You do learn a lot about the Retail/FMCG industry and related fields (Product Development, Marketing etc) so if you're willing to put in long hours and ask lots of questions, you will gain a lot of knowledge and valuable industry experience. The pay was also excellent, though you have to weigh up if it's really worth it based on the lack of work-life balance. If you are a very competitive, profit-driven person and your career is your priority, then it might suit you - it just wasn't the right fit for me at all. There were certainly a few individuals who were working hard to improve the culture, but when I left there was still a LONG way to go. I was relieved to walk out those doors for the last time.

The challenges

Huge workload, and little training beforehand. The Graduate program induction focuses a lot on the business' achievements and values but there was very little on-the-job training specific to your actual role. It is incredibly competitive, and Grads are handed huge projects without any proper support, as the managers are often too busy in meetings or with other 'higher priorities' to properly train you. It's very much a 'sink or swim' culture at the 'Store Support Center' (Head Office) which can be incredibly draining. A lot of decisions are made for personal/department benefit or to cut costs and hit targets in the short term, when these decisions make very little sense for the operations of Stores. Having worked both in-store and at Head Office I have seen the frustrations from both sides. Essentially, it comes down to poor senior management and short-term thinking that hasn't benefited the business overall. This creates a further divide between stores and head office (very 'us vs them') and in the end everybody loses.
2 out of 52.0
Career development
1 out of 51.0
Work life balance
1 out of 51.0
Working environment
2 out of 52.0
3 out of 53.0
Benefits & perks
3 out of 53.0
Diversity & equal opportunity
Recommends working here: No
Rates salary as: High

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