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Catalogue Walker'Simple yet rewarding way for teens and children to earn quick money.'Beaumaris VIC, Australia1 to 2 years in the role, former employee

The good things

Being able to work whenever you wanted. The papers arrive on Tuesday and when time is available the papers can be collated. This gives you a lot of flexibility to incorporate the actual delivery of catalogues around study and social life. You can sign off on a finished job at any time within two weeks, and your area representative will automatically send payment to your choosing bank account. Plus, the experience of delivering catalogues gives you good exercise and can help you familairise yourself with nearby residential areas beyond your own suburb.

The challenges

If you do not drive a vehicle or have a friend/relative who could transport you weather conditions may pose a problem. It can also be difficult to communicate with area representatives (who pay you for catalogues delivered) if you have issues or questions; they are typically contacted through e-mail and getting responses quickly can be infrequent.
1 out of 51.0
Career development
5 out of 55.0
Work life balance
3 out of 53.0
Working environment
2 out of 52.0
3 out of 53.0
Benefits & perks
1 out of 51.0
Diversity & equal opportunity
Recommends working here: Yes
Rates salary as: Average

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