4 out of 54.03 years ago
Design Manager'Big game = Big experience: Woolworths Ltd treated me professionally yet personally.'Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia1 to 2 years in the role, former employee

The good things

If you can deal with the scale of it, it's like entering another world working at the headquarters in Bella Vista NSW. Cafes, soccer teams, it really was a 'next level'kind of experience. So organised, action packed - yet I always felt i had ample time to complete the tasks that were assigned to me (Design Department). Met some really great people there, and if there were ever any disagreements in my section, the managers always dealt with it professionally and most importantly personally.

The challenges

There was just too much travel time to-and-from work for me (i didn't live near Bella Vista; the M2 constantly had isruptions so added an extra hour in the car either way) and the parking situation was horrendous - even though they had thousands of spaces, it always took you about 45min - sometimes 1.5 hrs! - to get out of work. which meant you usually waited until about 6:30-7pm to leave work for a decent drive. For me, it really ate into my work/life balance.
4 out of 54.0
Career development
1 out of 51.0
Work life balance
3 out of 53.0
Working environment
4 out of 54.0
5 out of 55.0
Benefits & perks
5 out of 55.0
Diversity & equal opportunity
Recommends working here: Yes
Rates salary as: High

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