3 out of 53.03 months ago
Customer Service Team Member'Great as a stop-over job, but there really isn't much point in trying to climb the ladder.'Adelaide SA, Australia9 to 10 years in the role, current employee

The good things

Solid Job Security. As long as you don't steal it's almost impossible to get fired unless you have absolutely 0 drive or don't show up for a month. Everyone at a store tends to feel like a family. Friendliness is consistent throughout the various stores I've worked at.

The challenges

Absolute 0 motivation or reason from within the company to pursue higher careers. Every year another job role gets bumped down a pay grade and bonuses are a thing of the past. The management outside of stores only look at numbers and refuse to acknowledge the advice and intelligence of anyone at a store level. Absolutely out of touch management. Store managers get flung around like plastic bags in the wind. No consistency in management.
1 out of 51.0
Career development
2 out of 52.0
Work life balance
4 out of 54.0
Working environment
2 out of 52.0
3 out of 53.0
Benefits & perks
5 out of 55.0
Diversity & equal opportunity
Recommends working here: No
Rates salary as: Low

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