5 out of 55.03 years ago
Advanced Rigger'I loved working for this company and would go back towork for them ASAP that's how awsome they we're to me'Western Australia, AustraliaLess than 1 year in the role, former employee

The good things

Great team atmosphere with great management who listen to there workforce exelet safety standards and awesome supervisors who stand behind there team teams that where there knowledge and encourage each other with a great work to life ratio for mine industry also working with a diverse set of skilled people who are in all walks of life doesn't matter if you are young or old tjer is always something to learn from others in your team

The challenges

Stretching your knowledge and coming up with inavative ways to do a job working with guideline and safety guidelines that may not be present with other company's. Communicating skilled and knoladge in ways that others can understand enhancing your communication skills
5 out of 55.0
Career development
5 out of 55.0
Work life balance
5 out of 55.0
Working environment
5 out of 55.0
5 out of 55.0
Benefits & perks
5 out of 55.0
Diversity & equal opportunity
Recommends working here: Yes
Rates salary as: High

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