1 out of 51.03 years ago
PCW'Five star????..not the administration'former employee

The good things

Pleasant physical environment; good staff and the residents were very nice

The challenges

The area for concerts was small; CCTV was examined for staff faults even though it said in their policies that CCTV would only be examined if there was a bad incident; staff in some sections were overworked; staff were told that they only had a ten minute paid break on an 8 hour shift when they were entitled to a twenty minute break; when shifts were cut a casual was given a permanent roster and the DON lied to my face about that; After many people lost hours on a proposed new roster and the new roster was due to come into being in a fortnights time...suddenly on the Friday it was announced that the new roster would instead start on the next monday...they say in their policies that new rosters should be up for 7 days before they are started...this meant that many workers missed out on pay that they were expecting
1 out of 51.0
Career development
1 out of 51.0
Work life balance
3 out of 53.0
Working environment
1 out of 51.0
1 out of 51.0
Benefits & perks
3 out of 53.0
Diversity & equal opportunity
Recommends working here: No
Rates salary as: Average

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