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'The most rewarding place I have ever worked at.'

Guildford, Western Australia, Australia — 1 month ago

The good things

It is a wonderful opportunity to work at Guildford Grammar School. A beautiful campus and some very dedicated staff.

The challenges

Sometimes difficult to maintain a work/life balance


'Not just an occupation but more correctly a vocation'

Guildford, Western Australia, Australia — 6 months ago

The good things

A wonderfully caring environment to work with a great team of people.

The challenges

A very busy School with lots of competing demands at time

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About Guildford Grammar School

At Guildford Grammar School, we give priority to equipping each student with a balanced set of skills, to meet tomorrow's challenges. This priority will define your child's experience from Kindergarten to Year 12 and creates the distinguishing characteristics of our students. Source: this is an extract from the company’s own website
HeadquartersGuildford Grammar School, 11 Terrace Rd, Guildford, Western Australia 6935
Company size

1000 to 10,000 employees