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Clinical Product Specialist

'An interesting but very challenging role.'

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia — 1 year ago

The good things

An interesting company with an interesting product range that treat very ill patients.

The challenges

Management - Prior to my involvement there hadn't been a Sales Dept. As such the newly appointed Sales Manager from an internal appointment was learning on the job with f...

Documentation Supervisor

'Six years and twelve contract assignments later, CSL is still the most professi...'

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia — 1 year ago

The good things

My personal and professional development progressed constantly at CSL. It was a tremendous mix of staff with various educational abd cultural backgrounds.

The challenges

Like most organisations, getting major functions ie. Quality and Manufacturing working together smoothly was always an enjoyable challenge.

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About CSL Limited

The Australian company is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of biopharmaceutical products for the treatment and prevention of serious human medical conditions. It was founded in 1916 under the name Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. It was the first in Australia's public to supply life-saving products as insulin, penicillin, and polio vaccine. The company has its registered business headquarters located in Parkville, Victoria. Its major facilities are based in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the United States of America.The company specializes in vaccines and plasma protein biotherapies. Under its plasma products, it offers immunoglobulins for the treatment of infections, autoimmune diseases and for the prevention of haemolytic disease in newborn babies. It also has plasma volume expanders for acute blood loss and severe burns, as well as clotting factors for bleeding disorders. Its Biotherapies segment offers influenza vaccine globally. It markets a wide range of vaccines, antivenoms and pharmaceutical products in Australia and New Zealand.The company continues to develop and improve product life cycle through global innovation and academic collaboration. It has built strategic partnerships with academic institutions and other corporations in Australia, North America and Europe for both basic and applied research in plasma therapeutics, vaccines and recombinant biotechnology.

Headquarters45, Poplar Road 3052 Parkville Australia

Latest jobs at CSL Limited

Warehouse Operator
Warehouse Operator at CSL Broadmeadows. Biopharmaceutical facility, forklift license required (LF). Dangerous chemicals in warehouse and high value.


Mechanical Technician
Provide support within the Utilities department to maintain process, plant and equipment. Permanent, full time positions. Excellent conditions.


Associate Scientist – Pilot Scale Operations
As a qualified scientist you will contribute to the team activities associated with the development, transfer/scale-up