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5 out of 55.0
9 months ago

Sales Consultant

Mar 2020

Sales Consultant

3 to 4 years in the role, current employee

Positive company to work for and would recommend if looking for sales/architectural based role

The good things

Career development, pushing people into roles that suit their strengths. Great communication from management. Focus on working as a team rather than the individual/commission. Positive atmosphere
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The challenges

Can be difficult working with clients who don't consider product leadtimes. Sometimes finding the right balance between team members
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4 out of 54.0
3 years ago

Account Manager

Mar 2018

Account Manager

Sydney NSW, Australia
3 to 4 years in the role, former employee

Interesting and varied sales position with alot of scope.

The good things

A creative and inspiring environment to work in. The team prides itself on being the best and have the results to prove it. Dealing with a wide variety of clients gives the job great scope to learn and develop (ie: architects, landscape gardeners, interior designers, general public).
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The challenges

To continue to develop new stone product lines and develop further relationships with the design and architecture worlds.
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