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Senior Business Analyst

'Will the IBM of the past survive into the future.'

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia — 1 month ago

The good things

Great Training. When the business is doing well great career and development opportunities.

The challenges

The business is in transition at present. IBM has a clear vision of where it wants to be in the future, but will clients buy those services ? Diversity is out of control ...

Senior Technical Analyst

'A once-great company now in decline, at least in Australia. Look elsewhere.'

3 months ago

The good things

Depending on your immediate management and team, work/life balance can be very good. Choice of work location (including work from home) can be excellent, although I under...

The challenges

No pay rises for years. Bonus and recognition schemes quietly disappeared. Team numbers are actively being reduced while expecting the remaining team members to do more w...

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About IBM

As the largest technology and consulting company in the world, IBM has an extensive range of business areas. From financial services, to software sales; systems integration to research and development, whatever your discipline IBM has a place for you. We are the world's largest IT and consulting company and within our enterprise great opportunities abound. Currently, we’re working on some of the most exciting projects in the world. Integrating our technical and business knowledge with social, environmental and economic systems all around the planet we’re championing efforts to combat climate change; optimising health care through data analytics; utilising technology to lower crime rates – overall we’re working to build a smarter planet.

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