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2 out of 52.0
5 years ago


Aug 2017


South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
1 to 2 years in the role, former employee

Below average salary. Full attention to sales - no attention to delivery. Lack of respect to consultants. I've seen employees leave without so much as a 'Good luck' from management. No attention at growing their employees skills. NIL TRAINING. There are f

The good things

The consultants are generally very good - when given a role that suits them best.
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The challenges

Ice Media believes they're doing a great job. They're making the owner more wealthy - so why change that. Who cares about reputation and looking after staff. What ever they're doing is working for the owner. Keep up the great work.
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Company overview

Seize the Competitive Advantage Unleash the power of digital channels to give your organisation a competitive edge. ICEMEDIA works with you to transform the way you engage with your audience(s): faster; better; easier; more secure; and more personal. ICEMEDIA undertakes research and consultation to generate deep insights into your (internal and external) target audiences. These provide a springboard to innovative, people-centric designs. Enterprise grade software engineering is then applied to produce an end result that integrates seamlessly across your organisation and simply works. Find out how to give your organisation the competitive advantage. Contact ICEMEDIA today. Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.
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