2 out of 52.0
5 years ago


Aug 2017


South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
1 to 2 years in the role, former employee

Below average salary. Full attention to sales - no attention to delivery. Lack of respect to consultants. I've seen employees leave without so much as a 'Good luck' from management. No attention at growing their employees skills. NIL TRAINING. There are f

salary rated
this employer
Not recommended
Benefits & perks
2.02 out of 5
Career development
1.01 out of 5
Work/Life balance
5.05 out of 5
Working environment
3.03 out of 5
1.01 out of 5
Diversity & equal opportunity
2.02 out of 5

The good things

The consultants are generally very good - when given a role that suits them best.
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The challenges

Ice Media believes they're doing a great job. They're making the owner more wealthy - so why change that. Who cares about reputation and looking after staff. What ever they're doing is working for the owner. Keep up the great work.
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