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About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels, along with other Home and Community Care services, aim to assist the elderly and those with disabilities to remain living independently for as long as possible. People may not be able to cook for themselves for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the service is received for a short time, such as after a hip replacement operation. In most cases the meals are provided on an on-going basis for people, who for various reasons, are unable to prepare food for themselves. This vital nutritional supplement to daily diet is complimented by the monitoring and social welfare component of the service. Volunteers often alert their supervisors if a client’s health is deteriorating. This early intervention and prompt medical attention can often prevent hospitalisation or in some cases, permanent care. The MAV Review of Home and Community Care (HACC) Program Food Services in 2004 found that, “ … the food and monitoring functions, providers subjectively reported that both the food and the contact were equally important for 60% of clients …” If a Driver calls and the door is not answered, they follow emergency procedures. In other words, family members and doctors are called to ensure that the person is safe. People might be on the floor after a fall, unable to move. All services providers in Victoria experience this on a weekly basis. Intervention can often prevent long hospital stays and some cases save lives. Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.