Peppers Retreats, Resorts and Hotels

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Culture and values

Company's culture and value information

The hospitality of tomorrow is rooted in human values.

Our passion? Service and achievement beyond limits. Our promise? Recognise each person's value, the talent they bring to the group and to make them a proactive part of their own development.
1. We’re always looking ahead
We challenge ourselves to reinvent, innovate and create what’s new and next. We're ambitious for our customers. We make the impossible possible to make their dreams a reality.
2. We place people at the heart of what we do
A value rooted in our company culture: Heartists® - a culture of inclusion, care and acceptance! We value our Talents because they are the greatest strength of our Group.
3. We are refined
We obsess over the smallest detail. We have sophisticated tastes while remaining accessible to all.
4. We stand by our commitments
We say what we do and we do what we say. We're attentive to the outside world, to other people. We are dedicated and resolute to act for the greater good.

Perks and benefits

Learning as a way of life - The Academy
With 8 regional Academies providing learning experiences for all Accor teams. Learning experiences can be on the job, in classroom, digital or blended.
Regular Support
Meeting in a calm setting, conducting an appraisal and setting targets is a valuable process, both for managers and employees.
International recognition
Every year, Accor recognises the exceptional achievements of our teams working in our hotels and head offices.
Work Your Way
It’s about meeting people where they're at. Doing what matters in every part of a team member's experience.
Treat Yourself – Employee Discounts
Enjoy global benefits from luxury to budget. Live according to your desires and enjoy unforgettable stays and experiences all year round!

What is it like working for Peppers and Accor?

I feel supported by management in my role. The progression opportunities at peppers are unlike anything I’ve experienced in previous companies. Accor value everyone equally regardless of tenure or experience and I really feel that in my day to day. The recognition Peppers give for good deeds done and the team spirit encouraged through Accor’s Heartist culture is something I love.
Jody - Housekeeping Supervisor
The flexibility to move around to different locations in Australia/worldwide is a big positive for work/life balance. I have met great people and still have close relationships with people from Accor from different places in Australia.
Ben - Front Office Assistant Manager