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Security Guard

'The job needs to offer more security and improve pay'Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia — 2 months ago

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Great team at dept human services

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Poor pay lack of promotion opportunities poor communication from secom managers

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About SECOM Australia

SECOM Australia is a leading integrated protective and electronic security solutions provider who have a strong security service presence throughout Australia, including one of Australia’s first Certified A1 monitoring and operations centres. We take pride in our ability to deliver completely integrated and non-proprietary security solutions. SECOM Australia is backed by the SECOM Group of companies who have a total commitment to its Australian and New Zealand operations. Having pioneered the Japanese security industry 50 years ago and always being its largest security company, SECOM has operations in 12 countries and territories outside of Japan. For over 20 years, SECOM Australia has provided protective security and safety services at local, regional, state and national levels to government and corporate organisations across all major industries. Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.



Latest jobs at SECOM Australia

Security Officer
Experienced and licenced casual security staff urgently required in the Sydney Metro area to be employed at our client sites.


Security Concierge
Experienced and licenced security staff urgently required in the Sydney Metro area to be employed at our client sites.