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last year

Laboratory Assistant

Mar 2020

Laboratory Assistant

Perth Airport WA, Australia
Less than 1 year in the role, former employee

Great environment, all works as a team.

The good things

continuous updation about safety aspects
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The challenges

Meeting the targets every day.
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1 out of 51.0
6 months ago

Coal Technician

Aug 2020

Coal Technician

New South Wales, Australia
1 to 2 years in the role, current employee
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Company overview

Wherever you are in the world, in whatever industry, you can rely on our international teams of experts to provide you with specialised business solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient. We partner with you to offer independent services that will help you reduce risk, streamline your processes and operate in a more sustainable manner. Our core services can be divided into four categories: Inspection: our comprehensive range of world-leading inspection and verification services, such as checking the condition and weight of traded goods at transshipment, help you to control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets Testing: our global network of testing facilities, staffed by knowledgeable and experienced personnel, enable you to reduce risks, shorten time to market and test the quality, safety and performance of your products against relevant health, safety and regulatory standards Certification: we enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with either national or international standards and regulations or customer defined standards, through certification Verification: we ensure that products and services comply with global standards and local regulations. Combining global coverage with local knowledge, unrivalled experience and expertise in virtually every industry, SGS covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption. Source: this is an extract from the company’s own website
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28 Reid Road Perth, Western Australia, 6105

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