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2 years ago

Mining Engineer

Jul 2020

Mining Engineer

Queensland, Australia
5 to 6 years in the role, former employee

One of the Best Resource companies to work for as a mining engineer

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Benefits & perks
4.04 out of 5
Career development
4.04 out of 5
Work/Life balance
5.05 out of 5
Working environment
5.05 out of 5
3.03 out of 5
Diversity & equal opportunity
4.04 out of 5

The good things

Very good and competent peoples to work with. Very good life and work balance. Excellent work culture. Great collaboration and effort between teams. Equal time FIFO roster which was great.
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The challenges

The challenges were mainly to do with the dynamic changes in the mining areas, a lot of pit water constraints mainly forced re-work and planning work, which was also great because there was a fun part about continuously finding better solutions long the way.
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