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About Think Education

Think Education offers recognised vocational and higher education through its 8 colleges and 1 goal, to change your world.

"We are the agitators for an education revolution." Linda Brown, CEO Sick of the 'same old'? You should be. All too often, we're taught to think formally, to think within hours, to think within bounds. It's time to think again. We believe there's a better way to learn. Where practical skills and academic rigour sit side by side. Where employment and entrepreneurship count. Where thinking in isolation of the real world or without considering the greater good is a waste of time. Others may look at what someone has already achieved, or how they've fit in to a formula of old. We think differently. We embrace the people we see today, the passion that drives them, and their potential to change the world. The education revolution starts here. At Think we make four promises: #1 Everyone goes to work. #2 Everyone chooses how and where they learn. #3 Everyone has an edge. #4 Everyone can change their world. Think Education is part of Laureate International Universities, a leading international network of quality, innovative higher education institutions with more than 75 accredited campus-based and online universities in 29 countries across the world. Think Education emerged in 2006 as one of Australia's leading innovative education and training groups and includes some of Australia's iconic education brands including: - APM College of Business and Communication - Australasian College of Natural Therapies - Australian National College of Beauty - Billy Blue College of Design - CATC Design School - Jansen Newman Institute - Southern School of Natural Therapies - William Blue College of Hospitality Management Higher Education Provider of the Year – ACPET Awards for Excellence, 2012


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