4 features you need in a candidate management platform
Finding the right person for your team takes an investment of time and effort – especially when it comes to sorting through applications and shortlisting the best candidates for the job.

This is where a candidate management platform can help. It takes on some of the most time-consuming recruitment steps and can even verify candidate credentials – in effect taking on the role of a virtual recruitment assistant.

So, what should you look for in a candidate management platform, and what are the most useful features? Here’s what to know about this kind of technology.

  1. Candidate selection tools
    Shortlisting is a crucial step in the selection process, but reviewing resumes and cover letters one by one is a time-consuming way to uncover the most relevant talent.

    The best candidate management platforms help you work smarter by placing the most suitable candidates for the job you are advertising front and centre. They organise applicants into a list with the most relevant applicants on top, so you can more easily create a candidate shortlist starting with the most suitable resumes and cover letters first – and quickly identify who you’d like to speak to.

  2. Time-saving screening questions
    The best person for the job is in that pile of applications, and a candidate management platform will help you find them faster by filtering out those who don't meet your requirements.

    Look for a platform that provides suggestions of screening questions to include, such as a particular qualification or experience, based on the role you’re advertising. With the most relevant candidates at the top of the pile, you’ll only need to review those that match what you’re looking for.

  3. Candidate credential verification
    A shortlist should only include candidates who meet the requirements of the job – and that includes specific credentials.

    The best candidate management platforms will take on much of the heavy lifting by filtering and verifying which candidates have the licences and certifications you require, such as Right to Work in Australia and an Australian Driver’s Licence.

  4. An easier way to ‘close the loop’
    Keeping candidates informed during the hiring process can help to build and uphold a positive impression of your business and employer brand.

    Rather than contacting each applicant individually, look for a candidate management platform with a bulk emailing feature. You can choose the candidates you wish to contact, and create a standard email to send to them – for example, one that thanks them for their application and lets them know that they’ve been unsuccessful. It’s a valuable time-saving tool that helps you close the loop.

A candidate management platform can provide valuable time-saving tools for your hiring process. It can do the heavy lifting by creating a list with the most relevant, qualified applicants on top. Make sure the platform you use has these useful features, so you can save time on these tasks and invest your energy where it’s needed most.

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