5 things you need to know about SEEK Profile
Looking for ‘the one’? SEEK Profile can help your job ad stand out to more relevant candidates. Read on to discover the top five things you need to know about finding your next candidate on SEEK.

What is a SEEK Profile?

A SEEK Profile is an outline of a candidate's professional background that may include information such as their current role, employment history, salary expectations, their key skills, and resume. Candidates create a profile on SEEK so that they can be contacted with job opportunities from relevant prospective employers and receive job recommendations from SEEK - even when they’re not actively searching and applying for roles.

What powers a SEEK Profile?

A strong profile is rich with tangible and searchable content. Tangible key terms may include the name of a skill or qualification, certification type, programming language, licenses or even a specific industry.

The information contained within a SEEK Profile is then used to:

  • Pre-fill a candidate’s job application on desktop, tablet and mobile to help them apply faster. Ultimately improving the number of candidates who apply for a role.
  • Recommend job ads to candidates that match the information contained within their SEEK Profile to ensure that they see every relevant job opportunity.  
  • Share relevant information about employment and salary trends in their industry.

Where will candidates see my job ad?

In addition to being visible when candidates search for their next role on SEEK, job ads are also matched and sent to the email inboxes of relevant candidates who have opted in to receive job alerts (JobMail). We also recommend job ads to candidates that may not be actively applying for roles via Weekly Roundup emails, ensuring that both active candidates and those not searching for jobs but who are open to new opportunities see relevant roles. ‘Recommended jobs’ will also appear on a candidate’s SEEK homepage when they are signed in, providing a repository of relevant job opportunities.

What’s the difference between a SEEK Profile and a resume?

While rich in information, a SEEK Profile is a high-level summary whereas a resume is a detailed document showcasing a chronology of a candidate’s work history, skills and qualifications. A candidate can choose to attach a resume to their SEEK Profile that employers can download if they wish to find out more.

How does SEEK Profile help me find the right candidate?

Employers who have registered a SEEK employer account and who post job adverts on the SEEK website have access to SEEK Talent Search. This allows access to over eight million SEEK Profiles that form part of the SEEK Talent Search database, which has sophisticated search capabilities that can be leveraged to surface relevant candidates for advertised roles. For example, an employer can search the SEEK Talent Search database for highly relevant candidates based on role title, skills and/or location.

Employers can then reach out with job opportunities that match their skills and experience.