ICT architects still command highest advertised salaries
The mid-year check-in of average advertised annual salaries on SEEK has revealed that Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Architects remain the top earners across Australia.

During FY17 (1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017) the national average advertised annual salary on SEEK for ICT Architects was $135,744.

Kendra Banks, SEEK Spokesperson, said ICT Architects play a fundamental role in structural designs of shared information environments within organisations.

“It’s no surprise that the ICT Architect job was the highest advertised salary on SEEK in FY17. More and more businesses are relying on technology and software solutions to support their operations. Businesses require the highly technical skills of ICT Architects to organise and manage these assets so that’s why it commands a high salary,” revealed Banks.

ICT Architects also topped the highest paying job title across the following states and territories, with the average advertised annual salary varying across these labour markets:


Average advertising annual salary (FY17)

New South Wales




Western Australia


“Behind ICT Architects, at a national level, management roles across Engineering ($133,264) and Mining Resources & Energy ($130,628) were the next highest paying jobs on SEEK,” said Banks.

“These management roles directly support the growth and prosperity of our nation, and professionals in these positions are being highly remunerated to manage and build teams to deliver the needs of businesses.

“Improved demand from infrastructure projects and residential construction on the eastern seaboard, as well as some turnaround in mining investments, are other likely drivers of high salaries for managers in the Engineering industry.

“High salaries across mining management reflects recent improvements in mining conditions and the pick-up of exploration activity by mining companies as they aim to maintain production levels after having cut back on expenditure over a couple of year,” Banks explained.

National average advertised annual salary & growth

“During the past financial year, advertised salaries on SEEK were relatively flat, with little to no growth, but in June this year salaries started to tick higher after dipping in May,” Banks said.

Across Australia, the average advertised annual salary on SEEK during FY17 was $81,747, up 1.8 per cent year on year (FY17 v FY16).

“This improvement is very encouraging, especially since salaries fell sharply in 2012 to early 2014. This period of decline predominately reflected the downtrend in advertised salaries on SEEK in Western Australia and Queensland, in turn driven by much weaker salaries being advertised in Mining, Resources & Energy and other associated sectors i.e. Engineering and Construction,” said Banks.

States and territories average advertised annual salary & growth

Average advertised salary increased across all states and territories in FY17.

“Western Australia and Tasmania experienced the sharpest increases in average advertised annual salaries on SEEK (up 3.7 per cent y/y and 2.8 per cent y/y respectively),” said Banks.

“However, Tasmania offered the lowest average advertised annual salary ($71,665) on SEEK of all the states and territories during FY17.

“Increases were enjoyed in Victoria (up 2.4 per cent y/y), the Northern Territory (up 2.3 per cent y/y) and South Australia (up 2.2 per cent y/y). Growth was also seen in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) (up 1.1 per cent y/y), NSW (up 1.2 per cent y/y) and Queensland (up 1.9 per cent y/y).

“In FY17, the ACT followed by NSW then WA topped the states/territories list for offering the highest average advertised annual salaries on SEEK,” concluded Banks.

The average advertised annual salaries on SEEK across the states and territories during FY17 and growth year on year:





% Growth FY17 vs FY 16









































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