Proactive sourcing with Australia Post
Find out why Premium Talent Search is a key part of Australia Post’s proactive sourcing strategy.

To service the 4 billion items and 2.6 billion letters sent to 11.7 million delivery points across Australia and to 190 countries across the world, the recruitment process at Australia Post needs to be proactive, streamlined and responsive.

As one of Australia’s leading recruiters with jobs from areas as diverse as Sales & Marketing to Delivery and Customer Services, Recruitment Consultant Sheridan McCool knows a thing or two about the importance of using quality products to support her recruitment processes.

That’s why she relies on Premium Talent Search. In fact, she has recruited more than thirty candidates at Australia Post using it.  As a ‘super user’ she is adept at utilising all its functionalities to extract the best candidates for roles across all facets of the organisation.  

Here she gives us some best-practice advice and tips for using the tool to source candidates proactively and to build talent pools to expedite recruitment activity.

Access more candidates, quickly

Premium Talent Search has become McCool’s go-to recruitment tool mainly for its ability to provide her with a large number of candidates across a number of areas, “especially where no other resources can help,” she adds.  McCool notes that by using Premium Talent Search as a proactive recruitment resource she can identify, pipeline and engage with candidates before a job has become available. “This means roles can be filled in a quick timeframe and that there are multiple options available,” she says.

Filter your searches

McCool has made placements across multiple metro and rural areas in Victoria and Western Australia and credits the tool’s ‘Location Search Options’ as helping her to “fill those very hard-to-fill locations”. 

By narrowing her search down to granular locations, she is able to tap into local candidates or those who have shown interest in relocating for work.

Build talent pools to save time

McCool also accesses the option to create ‘talent pools’ of candidates who pique her interest.  This function is an exponential time saver as it means she isn’t having to download individual resumes onto her desktop and is able to create customised folders based on the role at hand. She uses these to rank candidates for current roles and store details of prospective candidates for future positions.  Once she has created these buckets she leverages the “user-friendly” resume download option to contact candidates. 

Approach active and passive candidates

The ‘Approachability Signal’ capability of Premium Talent Search also benefits McCool as it allows her to gauge the interest of candidates who are both actively job searching and those that are more passive in their hunt. 

Whatever their level of activity, “candidates are always very happy to hear from me regarding job opportunities in their area, particularly those who had expressed interest a while ago and may have assumed doors had been closed,” she concludes.