SEEK's free new candidate screening tool will help you find quality candidates faster and easier

To help you save time and give you true insight into how appropriate candidates are for the job you’re recruiting for, SEEK has launched a new, free, innovative candidate screening tool unlike anything else currently in the market that will help you find the best-fit new-hire for your company, quickly and easily.

When it comes to hiring a new employee, we know that it’s about the quality of applicants, not the quantity.

SEEK’s new candidate screening tool means you will be spared that overwhelming feeling of sorting through lots of applications in search of ‘the one’. Instead, you will have peace of mind that the candidates presented to you have been sorted in order of relevancy and have the required skills for the job.


How candidate screening will make your life easier

An extension of creating a job ad on SEEK, this intuitive solution helps you identify a shortlist of suitable candidates for the role you’re advertising for by cleverly suggesting a number of questions to ask candidates during the hiring process. Not only does it minimise the research you have to do before you advertise the role, but it also minimises the effort involved in pulling a candidate shortlist together.



How does it work?

SEEK’s tool identifies the role you’re hiring for by using the wealth of data SEEK has around role requirements, and identifies the most insightful questions accordingly. If a candidate answers all of your questions successfully, they will be identified as ‘relevant talent’.

SEEK recommends key questions specific to your role to help you identify candidate suitability. You select five questions for candidates to answer as part of the application process. We’ll help you along the way by suggesting the most relevant questions based on the role you are hiring for.

We’ll rank your candidates so you know who to look at first. Candidates are ranked based on the number of questions they answer successfully.

Make faster hiring decisions with all key candidate information at your fingertips. Evaluate key candidate information effortlessly from the one page, without opening individual resumes.


This new tool is free and available now in SEEK’s Advertiser Centre – just log in and follow the links.