How to screen candidates to build your shortlist faster
Australia’s small to medium businesses have faced huge challenges this year, with those in hard-hit locations and industries continuing to ride out tough times.

But the SME sector will play a key role in fuelling the economic comeback from COVID-19, which will make finding the right talent quickly a high priority.

SEEK’s candidate screening tool is designed to help you find the best talent – faster. It uses a series of screening questions to filter out candidates who aren’t suitable for the role, and delivers a shortlist of those that best fit the requirements. This means you can spend less time sorting through mountains of applications and more time focusing on the road to recovery.

No time to waste

With so many competing priorities right now, it helps to have an extra pair of hands to find the right person for the job.

SEEK’s screening tool identifies the most suitable candidates and even separates those who are interested in the specific role from those who are applying for any job.

With the help of our verification partner, Certsy, you can quickly confirm candidates have the right credentials, such as Right to Work in Australia and an Australian Driver’s License.

How does it work?

A SEEK job ad comes with screening questions built in, and even suggests what questions to include based on the role you’re advertising.

You select five questions you want candidates to answer as part of the application process and we automatically rank their suitability based on their successful responses.

Find quality candidates faster

You can still view all applications, but we put the most relevant at the top of the pile to help speed up the process. This means you can evaluate key candidate information from one page, without opening individual resumes.

COVID-19 has created a year of disruption – and making the most efficient use of your time is vital on the road to recovery. SEEK’s candidate screening tool cuts the time you need to spend reviewing applications to make the hiring process faster, easier and more effective.

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