Workforce planning and the factors that matter
It takes smart forward planning to put the right people in place for a successful organisation.

But how do you plan for the years ahead, when there’s so much changing in technology, industries and the way we work right now?

Robin Boomer is a Senior Executive Advisor at Gartner’s HR practice. He joined us to talk about effective workforce planning, and where organisations should look to identify the future trends that will impact them.

Robin Boomer spoke to Talent Talks at the AHRI National Convention & Exhibition 2019.

The 6 Cs of identifying workforce trends:

In this episode, Robin Boomer outlines the top sources for pinpointing the trends that could impact your organisation and workforce planning:

Customers: What do they value most?

Constituents: What does our community expect of us as a brand and how do we keep delivering it?

Competitors: What do others in the space do?

Colleges: What Research & Development, universities or think tanks can we look to?

Colleagues: In terms of skills, what is the groundswell doing and how can we develop skills organically, from the ground up?

Communities of practice: What industry publications can we look to, what regulatory changes impact us, and what are the practices of others in the same profession?

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