This Healthcare Pulse Report has been created exclusively for those hiring in healthcare. It provides insight into the candidate market to inform your people strategies and help you find the right candidates – faster.

The Healthcare & Medical industry is Australia's largest, fastest-growing industry. Underpinning its growth are key drivers, including an ageing population. Add to that the major shifts and increased pressure brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it raises the question: what's the 2020 view of workforce trends in the Healthcare & Medical industry?

Throughout the report we shed light on how COVID-19 has impacted the Healthcare & Medical industry and offer a snapshot of the industry's outlook, plus the key tools and resources that can support you through the hiring process and beyond.

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What are candidates looking for in the Healthcare & Medical industry?

To help you gain more information on candidate motivation in the Healthcare & Medical industry, we’ve broken down the data into an Industry Spotlight for you to view and download.

Explore the Laws of Attraction Data Lab
Explore the Laws of Attraction
Data Lab

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