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Search Help
The more terms you enter, the more specific your search results will be.
Want a broader search and more job ads? Add fewer terms or use general phrases.
Keyword(s)Type the job or skills you're looking for in the keyword field. Double quotation marks, like "junior cook" will only return job opportunities containing that specific phrase. See more keyword tips here.
ClassificationUse classification to only get results within a selected industry, such as "Accounting", "Information & Communication Technology" or "Sales".
Where - Suburb, City or StateFind jobs by postcode, suburb, city or state if you want to view opportunities in a specific location.
The more terms you enter, the more specific your search results will be.Want a broader search and more job ads? Add fewer terms or use general phrases.
Using ClassificationsAgainst each classification you will see the number of job ads that meet search criteria. You can search all jobs within a classification, or just select the specific sub-classifications most relevant to you. You can select as many classifications and sub-classifications as you like, but the more specific you are, the fewer search results you will see.
Keywords help you find exactly what you're looking for.Common keywords include job titles, skills and seniority levels (e.g. "junior cook", "senior cook" or "menu creation"). Discover more about quotation marks on YouTube
  • Keywords are not case sensitive
  • SEEK are pretty clever when it comes to keywords, and we usually know what you mean. For example HR returns including Human Resources.
  • Special characters (%, /) are ignored as keywords. Avoid using them.
  • Using more than one keyword? Your results will always feature at least two keywords in the results. You can alter this by using advanced search (Boolean) logic, and including words like OR, AND, NOT. Use brackets () to combine words and techniques.
There are four simple ways to refine your search on SEEK to help you find that perfect opportunity. Watch this tutorial to find out more.
ORResults contain one or both keywords"Sales OR Manager"Results contain Sales, Manager or both.
Discover how OR can help you broaden your search on YouTube
ANDResults contain both keywords"Sales AND Manager"Results contain both Sales and Manager.
Discover how AND can help you narrow your search on YouTube
NOTResults exclude certain keywords"Sales NOT Manager"Results contain Sales but not Manager.
Discover how NOT can help you exclude things from your search on YouTube
Search Results (your jobs!)If you've entered keywords the results will be ordered starting with the job with all your keywords and decreasing in relevance down the page. If no keywords are entered then the results will be ordered by date starting at the most recent. You can change the order by clicking "Sorted by " text in the top right of the search results screen.
Still having trouble with your search? Contact us and we'll talk you through it.