Aged Care Worker

Aged Care Worker job description

What does an Aged Care Worker do?

Aged Care Workers provide physical care and emotional support to older people who require assistance with daily tasks. These services may be provided in private homes, clinics, hospitals or residential care facilities, depending on the level of care required. 

Aged Care Workers provide assistance to clients under defined care plans based on their specific needs, with a view to improving their quality of life. This may include helping elderly people with regular activities such as dressing, washing, eating, taking medication, maintaining a safe and clean environment for the client, and encouraging them to engage with their community where possible.

In addition to helping with personal and household activities, Aged Care Workers also monitor their clients for changes in physical and mental health, which may include: increased discomfort, loss of mobility, a decline in hearing or sight, or signs of depression.

Daily tasks for an Aged Care Worker

As an Aged Care Worker, you’ll be responsible for providing assistance to clients either in their homes or in aged care facilities. Your daily tasks may include:

  • Assisting clients with personal care activities.
  • Providing companionship and support during daily activities.
  • Performing household tasks such as preparing meals, laundry, shopping and cleaning.
  • Implementing strategies for managing dementia and other health issues.
  • Delivering activities that promote emotional and intellectual stimulation.
  • Maintaining a safe living environment by minimising or removing safety risks or hazards.
  • Transporting clients to appointments, outings and social engagements.
  • Using equipment to assist clients with limited mobility such as hoists, swivel cushions and wheelchairs.
  • Implementing care programs for clients in residential care facilities.
  • Liaising with other health care professionals, family members and carers.

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Working hours of an Aged Care Worker

Community and residential Aged Care Workers often work rostered shifts which may include evenings, weekend and overnight hours. Jobs for Aged Care Workers are available on a permanent, contract or casual basis, and may suit people who require flexibility in their working hours.