Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorators plan and implement decoration schemes for homes, offices, shops, hotels and other venues. The average salary of an Interior Decorator is $48,895 per annum.

As an Interior Decorator, you'll generally works directly with the person who will be occupying the space. You'll need to understand a client’s individual taste and aesthetic requirements in order to dress an interior with colour, lighting and furnishings.

Salary range
Average salary $48,895
salary range
Source: SEEK
Projected job growth
-5% by 2020
Employment by region
The top three regions for employment as an Interior Decorator are:
NSW 25.5%
VIC 28.5%
QLD 19.9%

Key skills required

The top skills for an Interior Decorator are:
  • Creativity
  • Good understanding of colour
  • Able to promote ideas
  • Aware of fashion and design trends
  • Able to interact with a variety of people
Career pathway planner
Starting out
Starting out

Kick-start your career in interior decoration and build your folio with one of these nationally recognised courses.

Moving up in the industry
Moving up in the industry

Already have some experience or want to take the next step in your career? An Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree will further your knowledge and skills.