Network Engineer

Network Engineer

Network Engineers focus on the high-level design and implementation of computer networks. The average salary of a Network Engineer is $89,642 per annum.

As a Network Engineer you will be required to monitor and optimise network performance, develop design documentation, and provider user support.

Salary range
Average salary $89,642
salary range
Source: SEEK
Projected job growth
16% by 2020
Employment by region
The top three regions for employment as a Network Engineer are:
NSW 36%
VIC 25.8%
QLD 16.6%

Key skills required

The top skills for a Network Engineer are:
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Logical approach to work
  • Self-reliant and able to work independently
  • Active interest in learning and maintaining technical skills and knowledge
  • Able to investigate, identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Enjoy electronics, computers and elctro-mechanical equipment
  • Good customer service skills
  • Able to make informed decisions about a wide range of complex business and technical issues
Career pathway planner
Starting out
Starting out

If you're new to the IT industry or have limited work or study experience, these courses will help you kick-start your career as a Network Administrator.

Moving up in the industry
Moving up in the industry

Gain a deeper understanding of networking with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.