Nutritionists study the effects of food on a person's health and give recommendations around dietary habits to assist their clients in living a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritionists can work in a variety of industries including public health, nutrition consultancy, research, and food technology. The average salary of a Nutritionist is $70,694 per annum.

Salary range
Average salary $70,694
salary range
Source: SEEK
Projected job growth
36% by 2020
Employment by region
The top three regions for employment as a Nutritionist are:
NSW 33.2%
VIC 32.6%
QLD 20.5%

A day in the life of a Nutritionist

Key skills required

The top skills for a Nutritionist are:
  • Enjoy food and food preparation
  • Interested in health and wellbeing
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Aptitude for science and research
Career pathway planner
Starting out
Starting out

Shape an amazing career in health with a diploma. Study the fundamentals of nutrition, anatomy, and physiology, and prepare yourself to work in the healthcare industry.

Moving up in the industry
Moving up in the industry

Give yourself a healthy advantage in the job market with a degree in nutrition or nutritional medicine. Learn the skills you need to become a Nutritional Therapist, including counselling and diagnostic techniques.

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