Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent job description

What does a Real Estate Agent do?

Real Estate Agents are qualified professionals who buy, sell, manage or lease property on behalf of their clients. The property may be residential, commercial, industrial or undeveloped land.

A key part of a Real Estate Agent’s role is acting as a broker of business transactions on behalf of buyers, sellers or property owners. Throughout the process of the transaction, a Real Estate Agent has a high level of contact with their clients and other professionals, including builders, conveyancers, valuers and local government staff.

Daily tasks for a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents perform a range of duties which vary depending on their area of specialisation, the type of property, and their level of experience. These responsibilities may include:

  • Deciding the method of sale, costs and inspection times with the property owner or seller.
  • Analysing market pricing and trends and recommending a reserve or minimum selling price.
  • Organising the listing and advertising of properties for sale.
  • Meeting with buyers to understand their requirements in a property.
  • Locating and inspecting appropriate properties for purchase.
  • Providing advice on conditions of sale.
  • Conducting auctions, open houses or property inspections.

A day in the life of a Real Estate Agent

What’s the difference between a licenced Agent and a registered Agent?

Licenced Real Estate Agent has undertaken study and applied for a licence with the accrediting body in their state. As a licenced Real Estate Agent, you’ll be authorised to act on behalf of clients to sell, buy, manage or lease property. You may also own or manage an agency, and in some states, act as an auctioneer.

Registered Real Estate Agent (also known as Real Estate Salesperson or Agent’s Representative) is employed by a licenced Real Estate Agent and can undertake some of the duties of the Agent on their behalf. To become a Real Estate Salesperson or Representative, you’ll need to obtain a Certificate of Registration which will involve certain education requirements.

The duties and requirements for Real Estate Agents and their Representatives may vary in each state.

For more information on the qualifications required for a licenced Real Estate Agent or a registered Representative, see how to become a Real Estate Agent.

Working hours of a Real Estate Agent

As a Real Estate Agent you’ll need to be available at times that suit your clients of buyers or sellers. While working hours can be flexible, you may need to be regularly ‘on-call’ in order to be accessible to existing or potential clients.

Real Estate Agents are required to work on weekends to conduct property inspections, auctions and open houses, or show properties to buyers. Real Estate Agents can spend a large proportion of their time handling business outside of a traditional office environment.