High salary, non-office jobs

You may not think it, but according to SEEK’s FY16 salary data it is possible to have the best of both worlds when it comes to your career; an above average salary, as well as a working environment which is anything but average.

So if the thought of spending 100% of your working days in a fluorescent-lit cubicle leaves you cold, read on for our list of non-office jobs that also pay well…

Construction Manager

Average salary: $123,504 per annum
Industry: Construction
Similar or related roles: Site Manager

Construction Managers plan, manage and oversee the construction of civil engineering projects, as well as commercial and residential buildings. Construction Managers may also be responsible for organising any physical and human resources involved. Depending on the type of project you’re managing, it’s likely you’ll pair your time onsite with some time at your desk. Either way, the right Building and Construction course can help you build your career as a Construction Manager.

Building Surveyor

Average salary: $97,307 per annum
Industry: Construction

Building Surveyors ensure sites are legally compliant by conducting building inspections, helping with regulatory requirements, and providing technical building guidance. Responsibilities also include liaising with stakeholders and assisting with building and planning-related matters.

Find out more about which Building Surveying course may help prepare you to work as a Building Surveyor, in combination with other state-based requirements which may apply.

Property Valuer

Average salary: $97,981 per annum
Industry: Real Estate and Property

Although you will spend some time in the office, a property valuer will often be out and about assessing the value of residential, industrial or commercial properties. If you’re set on becoming a qualified Property Valuer, you may like to check out these Property courses to see which one is right for you.  

Whilst these next roles just missed SEEK’s ‘above-average’ salary cut off in FY16, they’re worth considering if you’re keen to blend your passion with a solid pay check…


Average salary: $85,249 per annum
Industry: Farming, Animals & Conservation

Splitting their time between the lab and the field, Agronomists work alongside farmers to manage small-scale farming research projects. They study how crops can be grown to improve their quality and productivity, and may specialise in fields including infestation or soil erosion.

To find out more, check out these Agronomy courses.

Person in gumboots gardening


Average salary: $79,813 per annum
Industry: Healthcare & Medical
Similar or related roles: Drug and Alcohol Worker, Aged Care worker, Youth Worker, Welfare Support Worker

A Counsellor provides support and helps people recognise and understand their emotional issues through various techniques, such as cognitive behaviour therapy. Counsellors can also decide to specialise in particular areas, for example rehabilitation, relationships, or coaching. There’s also growing demand for Counsellors, with 23% more Counsellors forecast to be employed in Australia by 2020 (compared to November 2015, as projected by joboutlook.gov.au).

Ready to go? Take the next step and find the right Counselling course for you.

Source: seek.com.au, FY16 salary data used as a benchmark. Individual role salaries per annum are as at August 2016.