7 steps to getting a promotion

Whether you’re stuck in a rut at work or itching to climb the corporate ladder, the promise of a promotion can be a sure-fire way to get your career dreams soaring once again.

If you’re ready to take the next step and be on your way to nabbing that corner office you’ve been eyeing off, here are our top 7 tips to nailing your next role.

1. Win over your manager

Having your boss on your side will definitely help your chances of scoring that promotion. Win over your boss (without sucking up) by letting your work performance do the talking. Go above and beyond to add value to your role, be professional, on time and always have a positive attitude.

7 steps to getting a promotion

2. Win over your team members

That’s right - it’s not just about making an impression on your direct report. Remember to look to your peers – the more support you have, the better! Be a team player and always lend a helping hand. Although it’s not a popularity contest, if you are liked and respected by your peers, a positive reputation will help you.

3. Make sure you have the right skills

Upskilling may be the only thing standing between your current work experience and your dream role. Speak with someone currently in that role or the hiring manager, as well as checking out the position description to determine the skills required. Compare these with your professional strengths and weaknesses to discover any skills gaps, and then build on these skills by finding a relevant flexible that will fit in with your work schedule.

4. Take on extra responsibility where possible

Getting involved in projects is the best way to not only get noticed but to also get some hands-on experience in the role you’re striving for. Ask about other areas in the business where you could be involved in to boost your chances of landing that new job. Volunteer work is another option to gain some real life exposure to the role you’re passionate about. You can also network with those around you to boost your status – two birds, one stone!

5. Make sure the right people know what you want

Once you’ve got networks in place and the right qualification for your dream job, you need to make sure you’re first in mind when the opportunity arises. Ensure your manager and the hiring managers are aware that you’re interested, or you may be overlooked. Highlighting your achievements with your boss or team (without bragging) could be as simple as sharing your knowledge in team meetings or helping someone out with an issue.

6. Find a mentor

Having a mentor who knows their stuff is the best way to learn more about the role you want and receive guidance. Your mentor will also be a great reference when you do apply for a role. Try discussing the idea of a mentorship with your manager or HR department; they may be able to set you up with someone who has the knowledge and expertise to help you.

7. Stay humble

If the competition was too big this time around and you didn’t get the job, do your best to stay positive and humble. Openly complaining about the decision won’t change it, so keep in mind that there will be other opportunities. Perception is key, so keep smiling, congratulate your co-worker, and continue working towards your dream – the hard work will pay off!